MindCrack is a MineCraft server created by Guudeboulderfist. It is a exclusive server, and you must be white listed to get on. The Server consists of many well known MineCraft Let's Players from Youtube. The people on the server make enjoyable videos, of themselves building amazing structures, pranking eachother, and much more!Edit

Their Youtube Channels:Edit

Guude's Channel (Founder)

VintageBeef's Channel

PauseUnpause's Channel

Baj's Channel

BdoubleO100's Channel

Etho's Channel

Kurtjmac's Channel

Zisteau's Channel

Docm77's Channel

Pyropuncher's Channel

Nebris's Channel

Anderz's Channel

McGamer's Channel

Millbee's Channel

TheJim's Channel

JSano's Channel

Shree's Channel

Mhykol's Channel

JustD3fy's Channel

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